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Work-Based Learning Program

 Mission Statement

“The mission of SCHS is to enable students to become life-long learners by discovering their individual strengths and becoming accountable and productive in a global society."

“Our vision is to create and sustain an engaging educational environment that produces capable, motivated, competent, and involved citizens for the 21st century."

Statement of Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Every student deserves an equal opportunity to learn and excel. 
  • Every student has a foundation of strengths that we can continue to develop and expand.
  • The learning environment should provide the opportunity for all students to maximize their academic and
    their technical strengths.
  • Teachers are committed to educate our students using high standards while modeling appropriate values.
  • Success is a cooperative effort involving students, staff, parents and community.
  • By working together, teachers, students and parents can promote responsibility, discipiline and character.

Mrs. Pam Hill

Work Based Learning Coordinator

Office Phone: 706-886-6825

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