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Student Government

About SCHS Student Governmnet

Student Government is a county wide, youth-led organization that is committed to providing a voice for the students of Stephens County High School (SCHS) by representing and presenting the interests of the students to the administrative and policy making bodies. These students sit in with Mr. Kersh as advisors about the opinions of the students. The Student Government team works at its best when each class is represented and when the representatives can learn what their fellow students care about.



Student Government Sponsor 

Charnell Giles
Student Government Coordinator/Sponsor
323 Indian Trail, 3rd Floor, Room 3107
Toccoa, GA 30577

Tel: (706) 886-6825

To stay up to date with SCHS Student Government and VOICE YOUR Opinion visit below...

"Your Voice Matters" (Suggestion/Feedback Box) 


Student Government Mission Statement

As a member of the Student Government, our mission is to serve the school by providing unity and understanding among the Indians' stakeholders. We will strive to reach maximum potential throughout the Stephens County High School community. We aim to:

  • Inspire students to embrace their leadership potential;
  • Unify members of Indians- students and staff; and
  • Ensure all students' voices are heard.