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If you want to....

  • plan for
  • apply to
  • pay for


The Georgia Student Finance Commission's GAfutures  is a comprehensive resource to assist you in these tasks.

Advisement & Planning

The Infinite Campus Portal is an essential tool for parents and students!

Through the portal, you can:

  • See School Announcements
  • Monitor Progress
    • View Progress Reports, Report Cards, Student Grades for Each Assignment, In-Progress [up-to-date] Averages, and Missing Assignments
  • Monitor Attendance
    • See attendance & absences
    • View check-ins & check-outs
    • View tardies
  • Find contact information for your child's teachers
  • View the Academic Planner 
    • Plan courses for the future

Do colleges really care about what I take in High School?

How do I know which courses are offered at SCHS?