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Jobs for Georgia Graduates

What is Jobs for Georgia Graduates?

    The state of Georgia and Stephens County understands that our citizens, especially our young people, must be equipped to succeed in today's global marketplace. The Georgia Department of Labor has polled numerous employers to find out what they are looking for in future employees. Overwhelmingly, employers have expressed the desire to obtain workers who are not only smart, but have the other skills and attributes that one needs in order to compete in a dynamic and everchanging economy. These skills include, but are not limited to, an understanding of basic business principles, competence in various types of communication, a strong work ethic, a positive self-image, an attitude of teamwork, a record of punctuality, a dedication to excellence and an aptitude in critical thinking. Therefore, Georgia joined Jobs for America's Graduates, one of the most succesful mentor programs in the country. Our state organization, Jobs for Georgia Graduates, empowers our students by providing a local advisor who can provide the training and guidance our students need to become an effective employee. First, we help our students discover their aptitudes and abilities in order to enable them to obtain the best career for their persona. Secondly, we teach our students how to build the framework of education and employability skills that will endow them with the opportunity to reach their goals. Finally, the Jobs for Georgia Graduates program provides students with a full-time mentor called a career specialist. The job of the specialist is to assist JGG students in obtaining these career skills and help them navigate the process of moving into the career of their choice. The aim of the JGG program is to help students exceed expectations, excel in education and employment and exemplify leadership. To that end, JGG has been extremely successful, our students graduate at a much higher rate than the state average, our students find gainful employment more quickly than other young people and JGG members excel in post-secondary education at an elevated rate. Stephens County High School is proud to be one of the 34 select schools in the state of Georgia that offer this effective mentorship program. We believe that we are truly preparing our students to be producitve citizens and employees.